We invite you to share information about historical sites* – including farms, businesses, battle sites, and other places of general historical interest – that are “under Lake Norman.” Stories, histories, and images are displayed Under Lake Norman.

To participate through the form below we need:

  1. Where the site is located. Google Maps provide latitude and longitude (LatLng) values.
    • A Google Map centered on Lake Norman will open in a new tab.
    • Right click on the spot under the lake.
    • Select the option: “Whats here?” The LatLng values appear in the address bar.
    • Copy the location from the address bar.
  2. The name of the location (for example: Smith Farm).
  3. Your description or story (for example: The Smith farm was owned and operated by John and Jane Smith from 1920 until 1959). Please provide as much detail as possible about the location.
  4. And pictures if you have them that we have permission to publish on the web. (See the form for file restrictions.)

[form form-under-lkn]
*Submitted locations will be added to the map periodically. All submissions will be reviewed prior to being added to the map. The Davidson College Archives and Special Collections retains editorial control of the map and reserves the right not to include submissions outside the scope of the project.
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