College Letters, 1837-1921

These letters were selected from the manuscript collections housed in Archives and Special Collections. The dates of the letters range from 1837 to 1921. Each letter contains references to college life and events. Many of them also have information about family, friends and non-college events.

Alexander, Thomas (1843)
Bannerman, A. W. (1857)
Bogle, Alexander M. (1843)
Carson, William Walker
Chambers, Pinckney B. (1840)
Clifford, Mary S.
Crawford, James Pinckney (1856)
Davidson, Robert A. (1863)
Fairley, David (1856)
Fleming, John A. (1859)
Fries, Henry E. (1878)
Greenlee, James Logan (1863)
Hamilton, Thomas H. (1840)
Johnson, William D. (1842)
Leverett, Charles and Walter
Mahood, Danner L. (1922)
McCombs, James P. (1859)
McDonald, William (1895)
McGeachy, Daniel P. (1922)
McKeown, Calvin Brice (1874)
McLees, Hugh (1860)
McLees, James A. (1876)
McNeely, Oni Davis (1840)
Morrison, Robert Hall, Jr. (1868)
Morrow, James (1843)
Munroe, Colin A. (1872)
Robinson, William W. (1860)
Rockwell, Elijah Frink
Russell, Lucy P.
Sampson, Anne E.
Smith, James Bayliss (1870)
Smith, Neill A. (1840)
Smith, William A. (1865)
Stringfellow, John James (1860)
Thompson, Joseph (1860)
Wilson, Samuel B.

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