James Bayliss Smith (1870) May 11, 1869 Letter

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D. College N.C.
May 11th 1869

Friend Addison,
As I find a few idle moments this morning I will avail myself of them to answer your letter. It has been about three weeks since I recieved it, but that is no uncommon length of time for me to delay writing I think I hate writing worse than any other mortal. I was interested with your letter, and somewhat surprised at some of your assertions. for instance that you and the blackeyed P had broken all ties and no longer looked upon each other with cherishing eyes. This surely cannot be.

What could have caused such a change. You tell me about it, but, although you profess confidence, you don’t tell me the circumstances. I would be pleased to know them if it should take a half a dozen pages of foolscap, that is if you can confide the matter with me. Who did you go to see the evening you went to Fairview, you speak of her in a very complimentary manner, so much so, that if it was not Miss P- herself, I think you ought to be accused of fickleness, for loving another so soon. You spoke of going to see Miss A-, I wish you had seen her so as to give me some information

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  • concerning her. However I think Angelina and Lou were nearly right, that is if Miss A– intentionally avoided seeing them. I hope you are getting along finely with your farming, though if you have as cold weather there as we had here all through April I should think your cotton and potatoes were somewhat damaged. We had a big frost only a few days ago. We are having beautiful weather just at this time and I hope we will have no more winter. Sadness and gloom is resting on our community this morning in consequence of the death of Miss [Emmie?] daughter of Prof [Anderson?] She died [illegible] early this [illegible], she passed off very calmly and peacefully leaving an affectionate family and many friends in sadness Our Commencement is drawing nigh only a little over a month off. I will send you a ticket of our “Ugly Club” celebration, from which we anticipate a good deal of fun. I expect to get home about the first of July and I hope I will be able to join you all over there in having a fine time. Give my best wishes to your father & mother and to your Sisters, and remember me kindly to all inquiring friends. I must close my letter as I have a quantity of writing to do and very little time to do it in. Write soon and give me all the news and in the meantime believe me to be your Friend      J.B.Smith

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From: DC0083s Smith, James Bayliss, 1849-1872 (1870). Papers, 1868-1870. (View Finding Aid)

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Smith, James Bayless. Letter to Addison. 11 May 1869. DC0083s. James Bayless Smith Papers. Davidson College Archives, Davidson College, NC. Available: https://davidsonarchivesandspecialcollections.org/archives/digital-collections/james-bayliss-smith-letter-11-may-1869/.

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