Joseph Thompson (1860) 8 March 1861 Letter

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Davidson College
March 8, 1861

Dear Joe,
Hurra for Davidson College! Great Excitement! Water running up hill! Earthquake! Shipwreck! etc. etc. & & & If some of the ancient worthies who established this institution, then a college in the woods, had passed by here today, they would have said that their manual labor system was still in force. All hands were turned loose this morning to plant trees. The ambition to perpetuate their names here was universal and all the students worked faithfully. The senior class not only plants trees for themselves but for their sweethearts. They

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plant 22 trees. The others planted each a tree. Joe, I have been wishing that our class was here that we might do likewise. I sometimes have a notion to plant out twenty trees (or have it done) one for each member. It would not cost more than five dollars. The members would not feel the same interest in them as if they had helped do it themselves but it would be better than nothing. I think I will risk it if I can get any one to do it immediately. Joe, I wish you would come up tomorrow with Mr. Sparrow. The Greeks hold their anniversary tomorrow night and expect to have a good time. Shaw delivers the address. Would you believe it? Dick hs been to see the women

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twice this week. Miss Lizzie first and then the Misses Kirkpartick, Lynch and I expect to take the rounds. We have been talking of taking a hunt some day and going up the road. Lynch will do. Do you wan to know what I think the presidents gals. Greek, Joe. I must confess that I was not very favorably impressed. They will hardly please me as well as somebody that I wot of. By the way, Joe, let me thank you for your kind sympathy, in my trouble and perplexity. I have but one consolation left. She has not sent my letters back and told me to mind my own business. That looks like cold comfort, but it is all that I have.

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Wash and I are making some arrangements to take a geological survey of Mecklenburg County. We would begin next week but we are not yet supplied with some important instruments. We are now contriving a portable apparatus with which to measure distances without being troubled with a chain. Theoretically our instrument is nearly perfect. If nothing interferes with our plans it will be profitable to me at the least.
We have not heard from the election so as to know whether we have a convention or not.
Give my best wishes to all who inquire for yours truly in F&F.
Wm. N. Dickey

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From: DC0090s, Joseph Thompson, 1834-1862 (1860) Papers, 1859-1861. (View Finding Aid)

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