Presbytery Minutes – April 1843

Concord Presbytery Records, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Providence Church, April 13, 1843, p. 243-246

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[p. 243, Providence Church 13 April 1843]
The President of the Board of Trustees of Davidson College presented the annual report of said Board to Presbytery, which was accepted, and is as follows,—— viz.

Davidson College, April 12th, 1843
Dear Bretheren,
The Trustees of Davidson College beg leave to report to the Presbyteries under

[p. 244]
whose auspices it has been established, and through them to the community at large, — that our prospects in regard to this Institution begin to brighten. It appears to be gaining the favor and confidence of the surrounding community and attracting the attention and patronage of the more distant sections of our Country. The applications by young men, for admission into the College at the present Session, have been considerable. Above twenty have been enrolled already, and more are expected. Those who left us, at the close of last Session, with the exception of two or three, have all returned. This makes our present number to be seventy four. Our Institution has had to struggle with no inconsiderable difficulties. A debt has been incurred, which, in the present pecuniary embarassment, is found to be diffcult to discharge. To meet this debt a portion of the lands of the Institution have been sold. Yet when the proceeds of the sale of said lands are collected and paid way, there will remain due from the Board about sixteen hundred dollars. In addition to this sum there is due to the Professors about twenty three hundred dollars. Towards the discharge of the first sum there is an unknown amount of old subscriptions yet to be collected, and to discharge the latter there is the interest on subscriptions taken to endow Professorships. How much of this can be collected is somewhat problematical. The Board have however adopted measures to collect as speedily as possible those subscriptions and the interest due, and as fast as we can to pay off our debts. But let this be accomplished, and still at our present number of students, the tuition fees will fall short of meeting the salaries of our present Instructors. To do this will require one hundred.
A Tutor, to attend to those students who are in

[p. 245]
of the preparatory department, is much needed. The want of such an assistant throws a very heavy burden on the regular Professors; hence results the necessity of making without delay efforts to enable the Board to employ a suitable person to perform that duty.
May your institution be blessed of God, and become a blessing to our Country at large, and send forth many whose instrumentality in the hand of God shall make glad our Zion.
In behalf of the Committee
J. B. Davies, Chairman

The President of the Board of Trustees of Davidson College reported that the following members of the Board go out of office at this time,—- bvz. — Messrs. Thomas Robinson, Dr. G. Stinston, Thomas L. Cowan, R.H. Morrison, D. D., Stephen Frontis, Dr. J. W. Ross, A. L. Watts, S. W. Davidson and Walter S. Pharr
Messrs. Frontis and King were appointed a Committee to nominate persons to fill the vacancies in the Board.

[p. 246 The Committee appointed to nominate persons to fill the vacancies in the Board of Trustees of Davidson College, reported the following person to serve for four years, —-viz. Messrs Thomas Robinson, Dr. G. Stinson, D. A. Davis, R. H. Morrison, D.D., Dr. D. T. Caldwell, and Walter S. Pharr– which nomination was adopted.

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