Presbytery Minutes – June 1836

Concord Presbytery Records, 1832-1836, v.3
Meeting: Bethel Church, June 1, 1836, p. 132-134

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[p. 132 Bethel Church 1stof June, 1836 ]

The minutes of the last meetings of Presbytery was read, and the Presbytery suspended its business to give an opportunity to the Trustees of Davidson College to meet and organize.

[p. 133]
After some time spent in deliberation Presbytery Resolved to proceed to elect a President for Davidson College – and the votes having been taken the Reverend Samuel B. Wilson of Fredricksburg Va was reported to have been unanimously elected. Whereupon Resolved that the Revd Messers John Williamson and Robert H Morrison be a committee to inform Mr. Wilson of his election and to invite his accptance of the appointment.

Mr. Thomas Robinson was unanimously elected to the office of Steward and Farmer of Davidson College and Col. William Allison & Charles W Harris Esq. were appointed a committee to inform Mr. Robinson

[p. 134]
of his election and invite his acceptance of the appointment. Presbytery having learned from the printed minutes of the Presbytery of S. C. that said presbytery have appointed a committee to confer with this Presbytery on the subject of uniting with us in our undertaking to build up a Manual Labor College

Therefore Resolved that a committee of four ministers and two Elders be appointed by this Presbytery to confer with the committee of the Presbytery of S. Car. — to invite them to visit the location of our proposed College, and as far as practicable make arrangements with them for a plan, or conditions of united action to be submitted to the presbyteries respectively whereby they may cooperate in building up and controlling Davidson College.

On this Committee were appointed the Revd. Messers. S. Williamson, R. H. Morrison, W S. Pharr & John Robinson, D. D. with Doct. Joseph W. Ross and Wm Lee Davidson, Esq. Elders.

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