Presbytery Minutes – March 1837

Concord Presbytery Record, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Thyatria Church, March 8-10, 1837, p. 20, 24-28

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[p. 20 Thyatira Church 8 March 1837]

The Revd. A. Y. Lockridge reported that he had Received a letter from Mr. Mortimer D. Johnston signifying his acceptance of the appointment of tutor in Davidson College.

[p. 24]
Ordered that the Treasurer of Davidson College keep all money paid on the second annual instalment; in his hands until the contractors for the buildings render an account of all monies they have recd and that a fair estimate of the work that is now completed be made; and that the contractors be paid on the second instalment only so much as is due for the work already done.
Resolved that the Trustees of Davidson College of the third class, whose time has expired be continued until next Oct.

[Thyatira Church, 10th March 1837]
Presbytery met according to adjournment and was constituted with prayer. Ordered that the stated clerk of this Presbytery furnish the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Bethel with a copy of the proceedings of this Presbytery showing the

[p. 25, 10 March 1837]

terms on which they are associated with us in the management of Davidson College.

[p. 27]
Resolved that the Revd. P.J. Sparrow, R. H. Morrison and Mr. Abel Graham be a committee to audit the accounts of the Treasurer of Davidson College.

[p. 28]
Ordered that the Treasurer of our Education Society pay in advance the amount that may be necessary to enable our beneficiaries to prosecute their Studies at Davidson College.

Ordered that the Treasurer of Davidson College pay the Revd. P. J. Sparrow for two months service in the college and that he pay the Professors semi-annually in advance

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