Presbytery Minutes – March 1841

Concord Presbytery Records, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Concord Town, March 11-12, 1841, p. 176-181

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[p. 176, Concord Town 11 March 1841]
Revd Cyrus Johnson, D. A. Penick and S. Williamson and Charles W. Harris Esq were appointed a committee to review the constitution of Davidson College and report any amendments or alterations that may be necessary in said Constitution

Presbytery took up the business of Davidson College whereupon Resolved, that in the opinion of this Presbytery it is expedient, that vigorous and efficient efforts be made to complete the endowment of a Professorship

[p. 177]
in Davidson College within the bounds of this Presbytery.
Resolved that the members of Presbytery now present proceed to subscribe each for himself towards said endowment and upwards for $3,000 was subscribed on the spot.
The Revd. D.A. Penick was appointed an agent to visit the churches in Mecklenburg & Cabarrus Counties and the Rev’d John L. Davis an agent to visit the Churches in Rowan and Iredell counties to take subscriptions to complete the endowment of a Professorship in the College.

[p. 179]
The Committee to nominate Trustees for Davidson College Reported and their Report was adopted as follows viz

[p. 180, 12 March 1841]

Trustees to serve for 4 years: Wm B. Wood, John Alexander, Wm. Barr, Revd. J. W. Wilson, Revd H. N. Pharr, Revd. J. L. Davis, James Anderson, Robt. Williamson, Robt. M. Alexander— and Thomas H. Robinson, to fill the place of Revd John Robinson, D. D. Resigned. . ..

The committee appointed to review the constitution of Davidson College, and report any alterations or amendments that might be thought necessary reported, and their report was accepted and ordered to be recorded for definite action at the next Stated Session of Presbytery
Ordered that the stated clerk transmit a copy of this report to the Presbytery of Bethel
The Report is as follows viz;
“The committee appointed to revise the constitution of Davidson College report, That the 1st section of the 1st Art be so altered that the Pres of Concord

[p. 181]
may appointed 36 members of the Board of Trustees & the Pres of Bethel 12
2nd That the 1st Section of Art 2nd be amended by the addition of Metaphysics, Political Economy, Mineralogy and Geology to the President’s department; and that Astronomy be added to the department of the Prof. of Mathematicks
That Section 2 be so altered as to permit each presbytery to meet in its own bounds for the transaction of business connected with Davidson College.
That Sec 7th be amended be requiring the Faculty to keep a written record of their proceedings and make an annual report to the Board.
3. That each section of the 4th Article be expunged and that the following be adopted viz
Sec 1st That one half acre of land be allotted to each Student, which he is expected to cultivate during leisure hours at his discretion under the supervision of the President and Steward. — the Student sustaining the expense and reaping the profit, –Students who prefer laboring at any mechanical art may be permitted to do so at their discretion.
4. That the 7th Section of the 6th Art be expunged.

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