Presbytery Minutes – March-April 1842

Concord Presbytery Records, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Steele Creek, March 31 – April 1, 1842, p. 209-216

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[p. 209, Steel Creek 31 March 1842]
The Committee appointed to nominate Trustees for Davidson College reported, and their report was accepted and adopted, and is as follows ————- viz. “The Committee appointed to make nominations for Trustees of Davidson College, recommend the election of the following gentlemen for four years, viz.—– Rev. John M. M. Caldwell, J. M. H. Adams, John S. McCuthan, & John B. Davies; with Messrs Wm. L. Davidson, Charles W. Harris, Robert Potts, D. A. Caldwell, & D. Wm. B. McLean. Also G. Stinson, in the room of Gen. Davidson, deceased, Wm. King, in the room of Wm. Barr, deceased; and Wm. L. Harris, in the room of Robert H. Burton, deceased.

[p. 214, April 1, 1842]
The Presbytery took up the unfinished business of yesterday, viz.–the proposed amendments of the Constitution of Davidson College. The proposed alteration of Article 2nd Section 2nd was taken up, and it was, on motion, resolved, that the same be postponed till the next stated meeting of Presbytery, and that a Committee be appointed to examine the Charter of our College and report to Presbytery whether there is anything in that instrument, which would prevent the election of the officers of Davidson College from devolving on the Board of Trustees. The Rev. Samuel Williamson, R. H. Morrison, D. D. and D. A. Penick were appointed the Committee. It was on motion resolved, that the following amendment of Article 2nd, Section 2nd, of the Constitution of Davidson College, be submitted to the same Committee for their consideration and to report thereon at our next stated meeting : —— viz. “Article 2nd, Section 2nd” Of the election of the Officers of College. “The President and Professors shall be elected by the Presbyteries, and the Tutors shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees; subject to be affirmed or annulled by the Presbyteries at their next regular meetings. “When it is deemed expedient or necessary to elect a member or members of the Faculty, the Board of Trustees, being regularly convened to consider the

[p. 215] “propriety of such election, shall, on deciding that the election ought to be made, proceed to nominate suitable candidates and when the nomination shall be completed by the Board, it shall invite constitutional meetings of the Presbyteries, to be convened at such times and places as may be designated by the Moderators or Stated Clerks of the respective Presbyteries; informing them of this determination and of the nomination made by the Board of Trustees. And when the Presbyteries shall be so convened, they shall proceed to elect, out of the nominations thus made, the proposed officer or officers; and it shall require a majority of all the votes, so given, to elect such officer or officers.” Resolved, that the Stated Clerk complete the statistical report at his leisure; record it and have it forwarded to the General Assembly. The proposed amendment of Article VI. Section 7th of the Constitution of Davidson College, was on motion indefinitely postponed. The VIIth article of the Constitution of Davidson College,touching vacations, was also referred to the Committee appointed to examine the Charter, to report on said article. The Rev. F. K. Nash tendered also his resignation as a member of the Board of Trustees of Davidson

[p. 216]
College; which was accepted, and the Rev. Walter S. Pharr was appointed to fill his place.

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