Presbytery Minutes – May 1837

Concord Presbytery Records, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Poplar Tent Church, May 12, 1837, p. 31-32

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[p.31 Poplar Tent Church 12 May 1837]

From the Representations of the Revd. R. H. Morrison it appears indispensably necessary that additional rooms be provided in Davidson College for the accommodation of Students. Whereupon
Resolved that the building committee be and they are hereby authorized to contract for the building of eight additional Rooms, and that said committee be vested with discretionary power to erect one or two story buildings; the walls to be of brick, the covering of tin; and that the rooms be situated in a row with the other buildings for the accommodation of Students, either at the North or South end of said Row.
Resolved that the Revd R. H. Morrison & P. J. Sparrow be

[p. 32]
authorized to organize a Presbyterian Church at Davidson College, consisting of such individuals as are connected with the college.
Resolved that the Revd. R. H. Morrison Pres. & the Revd. P. J. Sparrow Prof. be requested to spend a part of the ensuing vacation in Davidson College in soliciting funds for said College.
Resolved that when students enter Davidson College at any time after the commencement of the session they shall be charged boarding only from the time they enter; provided one month of the session be expired; but entering at any time less than one month from the commencement of the term they shall pay for the whole term.
Students who may enter at any time before the middle of a session shall pay tuition for the whole Session; at any time after the middle they shall pay for, only half a session.
Charges for board & Tuition shall in all cases cease when a student leaves college with the approbation of the faculty.

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