Presbytery Minutes – November 1836

Concord Presbytery Records, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Centre Church, November 9, 1836, p. 13-14

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[p 13, Centre Church 9 Nov 1836]

Mr.Robt Potts was elected a Trustee of Davidson College in the place of Doct. Abram Alexander removed to the west. This meeting having been appointed for the purpose of electing officers for Davidson College and the Presbyteries of Bethel and Morganton having been invited to meet and vote with us, there were present from the Presbytery of Bethel Revd James S. Adams & Wm B. Davies and James S. Hemphill, Elder and from the Presbytery of Morganton Revd. John S. McCutchan, James M. H. Adams and A. L. Watts and Wm Benson Elder.

Presbytery being informed that the College Chapel cannot be furnished by the 1st of Janry next, Resolved that the Institution shall commence before the finishing of the Chapel and that the Students shall be received to the number that the buildings prepared can accommodate. Mr. Abel Graham elected at our last Stated Session to the office of Steward and farmer for our Institution accepted the appointment.

On consideration of the Salary previously affixed to the office of President of Davidson College presbytery deemed it necessary to raise the Salary of the President, Whereupon Resolved

[p. 14]
that the Salary of the President shall be $1200 per annum. Presbytery proceeded to vote by ballot for a President and the members from Bethel and Morganton Pres were invited to vote with us. The votes were committed to the Revd. John S. McCutchan and James E. Morrison to count and report thereon.

The committee after counting reported that the Revd. R. H. Morrison was elected President. Resolved that Presbytery will meet at the College on the 21st Dec. to hear the answer of Mr. Morrison whether he will accept the office to which he has been elected.

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