Presbytery Minutes – October 1835

Concord Presbytery Records, 1832-1836, v.3
Meeting: Charlotte, October 9-13, 1835, p. 101-115
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[p. 101, Charlotte 9th Oct. 1835]

After recess the Revd Samuel Williamson, who was appointed this agent of the Presbytery to visit the Presbytery of Bethel to invite their cooperation and assistant in our Manual Labor School being called on reported that he had attended to the duty assigned him and that the overture was kindly received by the Brethren of the Bethel Presbytery, evidence of which is found in the following extract from their minutes be him submitted to the Presbytery viz “The Revered S. Williamson was heard in behalf of the Manual Labor Institution proposed to the established in the bounds of the Presbytery of Concord N.C. Whereupon it was resolved that this Presbytery cordially concur in the proposition from our Brethren of the Concord Presbytery, to unite with them in building up a college and Manual Labor Institution in the bounds of that Presbytery, and that we recommend it to the churches under our care to aid by their prayer, and contributions.
Resolved that the Presbytery of Concord be required to send an agent amongst us to present this

[ p. 102]
“to our churches and to the community within our bounds.” Which report was accepted and adopted where upon resolved that inasmuch the Brethren of the Presbytery of Bethel have agreed cordially to cooperate with us in building up and sustaining a Manual Labor Institution within our bounds therefore that the proposed Institution shall be governed by a Board of directors or Trustees from the two Presbyteries, and that the number of such directors or trustees from each Presbytery shall be in proportion to the amount of funds contributed, and they shall have equal rights to consult and vote in all matters connected with the management and interest of the said Institution and that the Trustees of both Presbyteries, shall always be elected by their respective Presbyteryies for such term as may be determined by the Presbyteries and that the trustees of Bethel Presbytery shall have a right to vote with this Presbytery in the election of Professors.
John Weeks, Esq. Ruling Elder from Providence appeared in Presbytery and took his seat
Resolved that the Revered S Williamson be and he hereby is appointed the agent of this Presbytery to visit the churches in the bounds of Bethel Presbytery and present the claims of Davidson College and raise funds for its support. Resolved that Mr. Williamson’d Pulpit be supplied during his absence on his agency.

[ p. 104]
The Building Committee of Davidson College made a report through Rev’d John Williamson which was accepted and adopted, – an abstract of which is as follows viz “Oct 8th 1835 The committee of Building Location – Report to Presbytery that they have contracted for the construction of eight Brick Buildings
viz One large two story building 40 feet by 50
1 do do do 20 feet by 66
1 do do do 22 feet by 32
3 Blocks of Buildings one story high 18 feet by 66
1 Small building 18 feet by 18 – 15 feet high
1 do do 12 feet by 12 – 12 feet high
all of which are to be on clock foundations, covered with Tin pointed and finished complete.
For which they have agreed to finish the Brick and pay to Messrs. S. J, Lemly & H. Owen the contractors, the sum of ten thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. viz $3,000 in March 1836 – $3,000 in March 1837 and $4,250 in March 1838.
Resolved that Mr Maxwell Chambers of Salisbury be and he hereby is appointed a member of the Building committee
Resolved that the building committee be empowered to purchase any tract or tracts of land contiguous to the site of Davidson College, the possession of which the committee may deem important to the interest of the Institution

[p. 107 Charlotte 12 October 1835]
Resolved that Presbytery now proceed by ballot to elect two professors for Davidson College
The Reverend John M. Erwin and James E Morrison were

[ p.108 ]
appointed a committee to receive and count the votes and report to Presbytery
The committee after counting the votes reported that the Rev’d Samuel Williamson was elected Professor of Sciences and the Rev’d Patrick J.. Sparrow Professor of Languages

Charlotte 12 October 1835
p. 109
The Reverend P. J. Sparrow one of our agents for Davidson College reported that he has obtained in subscriptions and donations the sum of $16.690.92 1/2 and the Rev’d R H Morrison the other agent reported that he had obtained in subscriptions and donations the sum of 18.927 50/100making together 35.618 42.5/100
Resolved that the Reverend Messrs. Morrison and Sparrow continue their agency six months longer
Resolved that pastors and stated supplies with their sessions be authorized to collect the money subscribed in their respective congregations for Davidson College
Resolved that the Rev’d J. Williamson, RH. Morrison and Stephen Frontis be a committee to prepare and publish a concise history of Davidson College so far as our efforts have gone towards establishing that Institution. . . .
13th Oct ½ after 8 oclock Presbytery met according to adjournment and was constituted with prayer and the minutes were read and corrected .
Presbytery proceeded to ballot for 24 Trustees for Davidson College and the votes were committed to the Rev’d Messrs. Lockridge and McCutchan to count and report the election

[p. 111 Charlotte 13 October 1835]
Resolved that James Hutchinson Esq. and the Reverend P. J. Sparrow be a committee in behalf of this Presbytery to present a petition to the Legislature of N.C at its next session for a charter for Davidson College, & that Revered R.H. Morrison & S Williamson be a committee to draft a petition to the Legislature for a charter
The committee on the votes for Trustees Reported that the following persons were elected viz Messrs. Wm Lee Davidson, Charles W. Harris, Thos L Cowan, A L Erwin., Jos. Young, John Williamson, R.H. Morrison, Dr. Jos W. Ross, the eight having the highest vote; John D. Graham, Dr M.W. Alexander, A.F. Alexander, W.S. Pharr, Dr. Cyrus Hunter, James M.H. Adams, Col J. Davidson, Gen Ephraim Davidson

[ p. 112]
the eight having the next highest vote; and David A Caldwell, Walter N. Rutherford, H. L. Torrence A. J. Leavenworth, Dr D.C Mebane, James Osborne, John Robinson DD. and R.H. Burton the next highest vote making the number 24
Resolved that the eight persons elected who had the highest number of votes serve three years the eight having the next highest vote serve two years and the next eight serve one year
Adjourned to meet in Salisbury during the session of Synod, at the call of the Moderator
Concluded with prayer
Henry N. Pharr Clk. pro term

[p. 113 Salisbury 16 October 1835]
Resolved that a committee be now appointed to meet on Thursday the 22nd Inst. at the contemplated site of Davidson College and carefully examine the Lands purchased for said Institution, and also such other Lands within fifteen miles of Beatties Ford as they may think proper, and report to Presbytery on the last Wednesday of this month the most, suitable land that can be obtained for such an institution and that this committee consent of Messers. Abram. Alexander MD, John Phifer, Robt H. Burton, John D. Graham David A Caldwell, Gen Ephrain Davidson, Col John Davidson ,James Torrence, Thomas L Cowan,

[ p. 114]

Col. Lemley, Joseph Young, Wm King & Rufus Kilpatrick . . .

House of Mr. Robt Potts Mecklenburg County NC 28 Oct 1835 The Presbytery of Concord met according to adjournment and constituted with prayer. present Revd John Williamson Walter S Pharr John M Erwin, R.H. Morrison HN. Pharr James E Morrison and James M. H. Adams with Elders Joseph Young William Deweese Amos Alexander John D Graham and Thomas Allison.

The Moderator being absent, the Reverend John Williamson the senior member present was called to preside and the Reverend R. H. Morrison was appointed clk

The committee appointed at the last meeting of Presbytery to examine the Lands purchased for Davidson College and to report at this meeting the expediency of erecting the buildings on said lands made the following report which was received and adopted and is as follows “The committee appointed to meet and examine the lands belonging to Davidson College report to Presbytery that they met at the site and examined carefully

[p. 115]

the Lands belonging to the Institution and were unanimously of opinion, that the Lands were sufficiently good to warrant the Presbytery in erecting the buildings at the location selected by the building committee Signed Oct 22nd 1835

Joseph Young Rufus D Kirkpatrick William King David A Caldwell Ephraim Davidson Thomas L Cowan John Phifer John D. Graham, Hugh Torrence

Ordered that the stated clerk furnish the building committee with a copy of the resolution passed by Presbytery pointing out their duties and defining their powers

Ordered that the agents who hold the subscriptions for Davidson College furnish the persons in each congregation who may be appointed to collect the monies subscribed with the original subscription papers, or copies thereof and endorse them as payable to said persons appointed to make the collections Adjourned to meet at Ramah Church on Friday next. Concluded with prayer

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