Presbytery Minutes – October 1836

Concord Presbytery Records, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Ramah Church, October 13-14, 1836, p. 4-6, 11

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[p. 4 Ramah Church, 13 October 1836]

The Revd. Robt.H. Morrison and Mr. Robt. D. Alexander were appointed a committee to examine the books and accounts of the Revd John Williamson Treasurer pro-tem and also those of Wm Lee Davidson Esq Treas. of Davidson College and report thereon to Presbytery.

The committee appointed to examine the accounts of the Revd. John Williamson Treasurer pro-tem and of Wm Lee Davidson Esq. Treasurer of Davidson College reported to the Presbytery that the Revd. John Williamson had received from various persons $4787.15
Amount paid out by him to different persons
deducted for which he holds vouchers $4679.90
Amount paid over to Wm L. Davidson, Treas. 107.25
Accounts all correct $4787.15
Amount Recd from Wm L. Davidson, Esq. Treas.
from Sundry persons $701.45
Paid out by him for which he has vouchers $700.97

[p. 5]
Balance in his hand as Treas. at this time 48 cents
Accounts all correct Signed R. H. Morrison, R. D. Alexander

Ordered that the Revd S. Frontis obtain from Col Lemley a receipt for the monies collected by him on the subscription to Davidson College in Salisbury, and place the same in the hands of Wm. L. Davidson Esq. Treasurer.

The committee appointed to correspond with the Revd Samuel B. Wilson who was elected President of Davidson College, reported that they had attended to the duty assigned them, and that the Revd. S. B. Wilson respectfully declined accepting the office to which he had been elected by this Presbytery.

Resolved that Presbytery meet at Centre Church on the 9th

[p. 6]
day of Nov. next for the purpose of electing officers for Davidson College, and that the members of the Presbyteries of Morganton and Bethel be invited to meet and vote with us in said election.
The committee appointed to correspond with Mr. Thomas Robinson who had been elected Steward of Davidson College reported that Mr. Robinson had declined accepting the office to which he was elected.
The committee appointed to meet and confer with a committee from the Presbytery of SoCar on their proposition to visit the site of our Manual Labor institution. Reported that the committee from the Presbytery of S. C. have not met them and nothing of importance has yet been done towards the objects proposed in the appointment of the Committee which report was accepted.

Mr. Abel Graham was unanimously elected to the office of Steward and Farmer for Davidson College.

[p. 11, Ramah Church, 14 October 1836]

Resolved that it is no part of our plan to append a Theological Department to the Institution of Davidson College.

Resolved that the Trustees of Davidson College be authorized to have fifty acres of Land cleared for the benefit of the Institution.
Resolved that it be recommended to the sessions of our churches to collect the second instalment due to Davidson College and also the balance of the first instalment not yet paid at as early a period as possible.

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