Presbytery Minutes – September 1841

Concord Presbytery Records, 1836-1846, v.4
Meeting: Morganton, September 11, 1841 p.199-200

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[p. 199]
Whereas the Board of Trustees of Davidson College brought suit against Mr. John Stitt, Senr for his subscription to said college, under a mistaken apprehension that he wished said suit to be brought against him; and whereas the institution of that suit has operated against the interests of the College and peace of the Congregation in which he resides Therefore Resolved that Presbytery do earnestly recommend the Board of Trustees to withdraw the suit and relinquish the idea of its farther prosecution. Resolved that notwithstanding the foregoing resolution, Presbytery are of the opinion that the subscribers who made subscription to Davidson College at the instance of Revd R. H. Morrison D. D. & Revd P.J. Sparrow, are morally as well as legally bound to pay their respective subscriptions, and that it be recommended to the Board of trustees to make an urgent appeal to the consciences and integrity of those subscribers for the immediate payment of their respective subscriptions.

[p. 200]
Whereas the Revd. R. H. Morrison, D. D. late President of Davidson College & Revd. P. J. Sparrow late Prof of Languages in the same were induced to expect a Salary of $1200 each for their services, & whereas the Board of Trustees of Said College do not feel authorized according to the constitution to pay them more than $1000 each without an order from the Presbytery: Therefore unanimously resolved that the Board of Trustees be and hereby it is directed to pay the late Presdt. & Professor according to the pledges given them by this Presbytery. Resolved That a copy of the above preamble and resolution be transmitted to Bethel Presbytery. Recess till 7 o’clock P.M. After Recess Presbytery proceeded to business The proposed alterations and amendments of the constitution of Davidson College as recorded in Pages 180 and 181 were taken up and considered, and the proposed amendments of the 1st Section of the I Article of the Constitution was unanimously adopted votes 22, also the proposed amendment of the 7th Section was unanimously adopted votes 22. The proposed amendment of the 2nd Section 2nd Art. and of the 4th Article, and of the 7th Section of the 6th Article were defered for final action until the next Stated meeting of Presbytery.

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