Akers Hall

Akers Dormitory 2015
Akers Dormitory

Dates: Built in 1984. Became first co-ed residence hall in 1995.

Quote: After almost a year of heated debate, Davidson is gets its first taste of co-ed living in in sophomore housing. The first floor of Akers Residence Hall, settled beneath the trees in what is typically referred to as “Sophomore Nation,” is the site of this co-ed concept. One-half of the floor is dedicated to sophomore men and the other, separated by a doorway, to women.
Saintsing, Tim.  “Davidson Institutes First
Co-ed Hall.” Davidsonian. 5 September 1995:1.

Named for: John McCorkle Akers, class of 1928. “A trucking executive who, by his own admission, has never driven a truck, Akers is a retired president of Akers Motor Lines, Inc. He is also a past-president and chairman of the board of the American Trucking Association and the past-president of the N.C. Motor Carriers Association.”
“New Dormitory Named to Honor Akers ’28.” Davidson Update. October 1984.

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