Davidson College Campus Buildings

The Davidson College campus has changed over the years from the original collection of dormitories, houses, and Chapel gathered around the D. At the turn of the twentieth century, the campus holds more than sixty buildings. Below you will find an interactive map and a list of current and historical buildings. Click on the building name or map marker to view photographs and more detailed information. Brackets around a building name in the Current Name column of the list or in the map data indicate buildings that no longer exist.

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Current Name Original Name Dates
Akers Hall Akers Hall Built 1984
Applied Psychology Building Hamilton House Built c1916
Acquired by College 1966
Baker Sports Complex Baker Sports Complex Built 1989
Vance Athletic Center added 2015
[Barracks] North and South Dormitories Built 1922
Demolished 1945
Belk Hall Belk Hall Built in 1955
Remodeled 2004
Blackwell Alumni House McConnell House Built 1914
Remodeled 1986, 2000
Cannon Dormitory West Dormitory Built 1922
Remodeled 1956-57
Carnegie Guest House Carnegie Library Built 1910
Remodeled 1941
Carolina Inn Helper Hotel Built 1840s
Acquired by College 1946
Remodeled 1971
[Chambers (Old)] Chambers Built 1858-1860
Burned 1921
Chambers (New) Chambers (New) Built 1924-29
Remodeled 1966-1967
Remodeled 2002-2004
Chidsey Hall New Dormitory Built 2011-12
Cunningham Theatre Center Cunningham Fine Arts Built 1961; Remodeled 2009
Dana Science Laboratory Dana Science Laboratory Built 1960
Remodeled 1999
Davidson College Presbyterian
Davidson College Presbyterian Church Built 1885
Demolished 1950
Built 1950-52
Duke Dormitory Duke Dormitory Built 1939
Elm Row Elm Row Built 1836-37
Erwin Lodge Erwin Lodge Built 1945-46
Eumenean Hall Eumenean Hall Built 1849
[Georgia Dormitory] Georgia Dormitory Built 1909
Demolished 1956
Glasgow House College Apartments Built 1948
Remodeled 1988
Grey House Grey House Built 1850s
Acquired by College 1859
Remodeled 1991, 1999
Harding House Harding House Built 1890
Acquired by College1960
Remodeled 1994
Mary IRWIN Belk Hall Mary Irwin Belk Hall Built 1981
ITS User Services Building U.S. Post Office Built 1956
Remodeled 1984
Jackson Court Fraternity Court Built1928
Remodeled 1960
Johnston House Johnston House Built c1883
Acquired by College 1961
Remodeled 1992
Katherine and Tom Belk Visual
Arts Center
Visual Arts Center Built 1993
Knobloch Campus Center Johnston Gym Built 1949
Remodeled 1999
Knox Hall Knox Hall Built 1981
[Lingle Manor] Lingle Manor Built 1870s
Acquired by College 1961
Remodeled 1980
Demolished 1999
Little Hall Little Hall Built 1956
Little Library Little Library Built 1974
Lula Bell Houston Laundry Laundry Built 1919
Remodeled 1991
[Martin Chemical Laboratory
Martin Chemical Laboratory Built 1899-1901
Demolished 1940
Martin Chemical Laboratory
Martin Science Building Built 1941
Remodeled 1980
Martin Court Senior Apartments Built 1988-91
[Morrison Hall] Y.M.C.A. Built 1890-91
Demolished 1945
Samuel W. Newell Building (WDAV) Samuel W. Newell Building Built 2002-2003
Oak Row Oak Row Built 1836-37
[Ovens Union] Alumni Gymnasium Built 1917
Remodeled 1952
Demolished 1972
Patterson Court Patterson Fraternity Court Built 1959
Philanthropic Hall Philanthropic Hall Built 1850
President’s House President’s House Built 1836-37
Renovated 1941, 1959, 1998
Preyer Infirmary Preyer Infirmary Built 1938
Remodeded 1992
Richardson Hall Richardson Hall Built 1960
[Rumple Dormitory] Rumple Dormitory Built 1903
Demolished 1955
Sentelle Hall East Dormitory Built 1922-23
Remodeled 1971
[Shearer Hall] Chapel Built 1837
Remodeled 1901
Demolished 1960
Sloan Music Center Grey Library Built 1941
Remodeled 1975
Remodeled 2002
Henry Louis Smith House Smith House Built 1897
Remodeled 1992
Sparrow’s Nest Sparrow’s Nest Built c1840
Acquired by College 1908
Remodeled 1961
[Steward’s Hall] Steward’s Hall Built 1837
Demolished 1909
Stowe Tennis House Stowe Tennis House Built 1968
Student Health Center Student Health Center Original house built 1880s
Acquired by College 1946
Remodeled 1991-92
Tomlinson Hall West Hall Built 2000
Vail Commons Vail Commons Built 1981
Watson Life Sciences Watson Life Sciences Built 1998-99
Wall Academic Center Wall Academic Center Built 2015-2017
Watts Hall Watts Dormitory Built 1906
Burned and rebuilt 1923

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