Davidson College Presbyterian Church

Davidson College Presbyterian Church 2015
Davidson College Presbyterian Church

The Davidson College Presbyterian Church,
originally constructed in 1885 (left)
was razed in 1950 to make way for the present building (right) completed
in 1952.

Dates: Brick building constructed in 1885. Building remodeled in
1903-1904. Building enlarged in 1923. Building demolished in 1950. Present
building constructed 1950 to 1952. Building dedicated on June 1, 1952.

Quote: The consensus of Alumni and friends, expressed after an
inspection of the new Church building, has been overwhelmingly positive and
enthusiastic, that here we have, at long last, a house of worship that is
majestic in its simplicity, beauty and worshipful atmosphere. Alumni
Journal, November 1952, p. 2

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