Eumenean Hall

Dates: Built in 1849 and dedicated in November 1849. Restored in
1956. Placed on National Historic Register in 1972. Named Charlotte
Mecklenburg Historic Site in 1976.

Quote: Specifications and Contract for building a Society Hall at
Davidson College Mecklenburg County N.C. House to be fifty seven feet
long and thirty two wide; lower story two feet high, upper story 14 ft high,
lower story with a passage eight feet wide and two rooms on one side, on the
other but one. The partitions to be of brick 9 inches thick and laid in good
cement: the upper story to be all in one room, forty five feet long by thirty,
in the clear with a portico and stair was 10 feet by 32 feet according to
draft. Copy of manuscript from papers of Professor John L. Douglas.
Eumenean Society Davidsoniana file. Davidson College Archives.

Named for: Eumenean Literary Society. The Society was formed on April
14, 1837.

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