Harding House

Harding House 2015
Harding House

Dates: Built in 1890. Acquired by College in 1960. Student housing from
1977 to 1987. Remodeled for Financial Aid Office in 1994.

Quote: We recommend that the Board order the tearing down of the
present “Danville House,” and the erection upon the site thereof a
new residence for the use of Prof. Harding, at a cost not exceeding $800.00 –
the materials of the old structure to be used as far as practicable in the
construction of the new house. Executive Committee of the Trustees of
Davidson College Minutes. 18 June 1889. RG 1/1 Board of Trustees Records.
Davidson College Archives.

Named for: Dr. Caleb Richmond Harding, class of 1880, professor of
Greek and German, 1888-1935

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