Smith House

Henry Louis Smith House 2015
Henry Louis Smith House

Dates: Built in 1897 as faculty house. Used as administrative offices
in 1960s. Student dormitory 1972-1992. Remodeled as offices for College
Relations in 1992.

Quote: . . . on the northernmost edge of college property just south of
Glasgow Street, was the site chosen in 1896 for what Prof. Henry Louis Smith
wanted, “a home of my own where I can raise my own vine and fig tree and
exercise the rites of hospitality,” as he expressed it to the executive
committee. It had cost almost $2,500 by the time it was built in 1897, and Dr.
Smith had spent an additional $200 of his own for such unheard of conveniences
as electric wiring and a porcelain bathtub. Beaty, Mary. A History of
Davidson College.
Davidson: Briarpatch Press, 1988:188.

Named for: Henry Louis Smith, class of 1881. Davidson College professor
(1887-1912), Davidson College president (1901-1912).

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