Martin Court

Dates: Three buildings, including Hart (dedicated 1994) and Jamison Halls, were constructed in 1988. Ryburn Hall (dedicated 1994) and Flowe Hall (dedicated 1994) were constructed in 1991. A sixth “F” building was constructed in 1995. The complex of apartments was dedicated as D. Grier Martin Court on October 26, 1990.

Quote: Apartment-style buildings have proven highly popular with
students. Since room assignments on campus are made on a lottery system that
gives higher priority to older students, most of the apartments are expected
to be occupied by seniors and juniors. “New Residence Halls
Begun Last Week.” Mecklenburg Gazette. 3 April 1991: 2

Named for: D. Grier Martin (1910-1974), class of 1932, Davidson
College president (1958-1968)

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