Philanthropic Hall

Philanthropic Hall front view Interior view of Philanthropic Hall

Dates: Built in 1850. Restored in 1956. Placed on National
Historic Register in 1972. Named Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Site in 1976.

Quote: Philanthropic Hall is one of the primary landmarks of the
Davidson College campus. Built by a society that played a dominant role in the
college from its founding, the structure has been used continuously for its
original purpose. The wisdom of the early building committee in stipulating
that there be a degree of freedom in the details of the two halls but that
they be “alike in size and magnificence” is displayed in the
pleasing relationship of the two facing buildings that complete the original
quadrangle. Like its companion structure, Philanthropic Hall exhibits the
subtle play of simple, massive, classically-derived forms that characterized
the best of the Greek Revival style. National Register of Historic Places
Inventory – Nomination Form. 29 November 1971. Philanthropic Hall Davidsoniana
file. Davidson College Archives.

Named for: Philanthropic Literary Society. The Society was formed in

Davidson Encyclopedia entry

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