Preyer Infirmary

the front of the infirmary

Dates: Built in 1938. Converted to administrative offices in 1992.

Quote: With the opening of Davidson’s new $25,000 Infirmary the first
step toward the building of the ideal Davidson campus has been completed. This
beautiful brick structure stands on the Concord Road just off the Charlotte
highway facing the Martin Chemical Laboratory. It is built in the shape of a
“T,” and its interior houses every modern convenience desirable.
Upon entering downstairs, a visitor finds a waiting-room equipped with
brown-upholstered chromium furniture in a distinctly modernistic note. To the
left of this waiting-room is Dr. J.W. MacConnell’s office. In the back hall
Mrs.Ivring Johnston, the Infirmary nurse, has her headquarters which are
easily accessible to the ward and two private rooms for patients which branch
off of the hall. This down-stairs ward will take care of about six patients,
and immediately behind it, in the very foot of the “T,” is the
solarium, which is equipped with comfortable rolling chairs and a cabinet
radio. “New Infirmary Now Open for Patients.” Davidsonian. 12
January 1938:7.

Named for: Mr and Mrs. WilliamYost Preyer, parents of three Davidson
students. Mr. Preyer was president of the Vick Chemical Company, 1938-1948.

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