Sentelle Hall

Photo of Sentelle Hall
Dates: Built in 1922-23. Remodeled in 1971.

Quote: As has been stated, the new dormitories will be modern in
every respect. There will be a lavatory room on each floor. Ample shower baths
are provided in the basement. Closets ample for all needs are provided in each
room. Many applications are being made for rooms every week. It would
seem that the whole campus wants to change its place of residence next year. Foundations
Being Laid for Two New Dormitories by Charlotte Contractors.” Davidsonian.
7 April 1922: 6.

Named for: Mark Edgar Sentelle (1874-1949), class of 1894, professor of
religion (1906-1944) and dean of students (1920-1941)

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