Shearer Hall

photo of the renovated building photo of the old building


Dates: Built in 1837-38. Remodeled and named Shearer Hall in 1901.
Demolished in 1960.

Quote: In 1901, President Shearer, known to the students as “Old
Puss” decided he wanted a building named for his wife. so he pulled down
an original professor’s house (known as Tammany Hall) and added the east wing
to the old chapel, then he pulled off the columns and made it face the main
highway, and finally stuccoed it over placing a marble plaque at the new front
announcing that the building had been erected to the glory of God and Lizzie
Gessner Shearer, giving rise to the somewhat profane nickname the building
once had of “the Glory to God and Lizzie Hall.” Davidson,
Chalmers. “Funeral Sermon Preached at Demolition of Shearer Hall.”
Typescript. 13 January 1960. Shearer Hall Davidsoniana file. Davidson College

Named for: Lizzie Gessner Shearer Hall, wife of Davidson College
President John Bunyon Shearer.

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