Sparrow’s Nest

Sparrow's Nest 2015
Sparrow’s Nest

Dates: Built in 1840s. Boarding house 1915 into 1920s. Acquired by
College in 1908. Remodeled in 1961, 1974. Campus Security office 1974-1990.
Physical Plant office 1990-1999.

Quote: This little house, which stands next to the college laundry, was
built before the Civil War to house servants for the “Sparrow’s
Nest.” A certain Mr. Sparrow, one of the prominent citizens of early
Davidson, had built his home on the lot next to the present site of Richardson
Dorm. He had four attractive daughters who managed to charm a goodly
portion of the nearby student body. It became the fashion of the young men to
visit the Sparrow home. In time, things got so cozy that the place was fondly
spoken of as the “Sparrow’s Nest.” All four of the girls, incidently,
managed to marry Davidson men. Pappa Sparrow could not, of course, get along
without his servants, and in order to have them near, he built the read brick
building which still stands today at the back of Belk. Williams, Jim.
“College Hunts New Use for Old Slave Quarters.” Davidsonian. 3 March

Named for: Thomas Sparrow family

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