College History Resources

Published Histories

The best place to begin is with the published histories of the college. They can provide suggestions for topics and identify original source materials.

  • Beaty, Mary D. A History of Davidson College. Briarpatch Press, 1988. 378.75 D25b D Room: D 081 B3691da
  • Shaw, Cornelia R. Davidson College. Fleming H. Revell Press, 1923. 378.75 D25s D Room: D 090 S53d

Davidsoniana Files

Housed in the College Archives, the D-Files contain clippings, reports, and general information about topics and organizations related to the college. To use the D-files, come by the Archives office and speak with the staff.

College Publications

College publications can be divided into two general categories: Administrative and Student. Most of the publications can be found in the Davidsoniana Room as well as the College Archives. The publications include:

  • College Catalogs (1842- )
  • Quips and Cranks (1895- )
  • Bulletins (1902-1971)
  • Davidson Monthly (1870-1871)
  • Alumni Journal (1934-1967)
  • Davidson Magazine (1886-1926)
  • Davidson Update (1971-1989)
  • Davidsonian (1914- )
  • Davidson Journal (1987- )
  • Scripts and Pranks (1936-1965)
  • Campus Chronicle (1986- )
  • Chameleon (1926-1930)
  • Track of the Cat (1968-1981)
  • Libertas (1996- )
  • Rules and Regulations for Students (1927-1960)
  • Wildcat Handbook (1896- )
  • Davidson College Web Page – Student organization web pages


Within the College Archives Department, there are several types of records: Archives, Manuscript, Photographs, Audio-visual.
An online database is available to for these records. Some of these materials have been scanned and are available as online collections.

  • Archival Records – include files from the President’s Office, committee minutes and reports from the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, records from academic departments, records from the Vice-President for Finance and Administration and the Vice-President for Institutional Advancement, reports and publications from the Admissions Office, and records from the Student Government Association and student organizations.
  • Manuscripts – these collections relate to Davidson alumni and local organizations.
  • Photographs – The College Archives holds hundreds of photographs documenting college activities. An index to the collection is available in the archives office.
  • Audio-visual – This contains cassette tape and videotape recordings of campus activities and interviews. Indexes to these collections are available in the archives office.
  • People: For many topics, it may be necessary to interview people. The archives staff can help identify and contact current and former faculty, staff, and students.

Bibliography on Davidson College History

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Shaw, Cornelia Rebekah. Davidson College. New York: Fleming H. Revell,

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