Web Evaluation Project

Evaluation Criteria

  • Readability – font, colors, layout
  • Audience – who is this written for
  • Use of images – do images add to information, are captions clear,  too many or too few?
  • Engagement – how visually appealing – why or why not
  • Links and structure – how do  you know where you are – what the context is (if you’ve googled in)?  Are there links to related articles within same site, external links, links to additional documentation
  • Reliability –  who sponsors the site, how are sources identified


Group 1
Five Colleges – Zilpah P. Grant Banister Papers
Look at main page, open a letter from the Letters by Banister, 1823-1874 group, pick one with a transcript and look original and transcript

Michgian State University – Civil War
This link opens directly to a letter, you can explore the site and look at the collections page – but mostly concentrate on the pages directly connected to the letter

Group 3
Drexel Scholars Who Served
Browse the 2 pages, pick any letter

Vassar College – Student Letters
Pick any letter

Group 2
Bard College – Bard Family Papers
Scroll down and select Bard Family Papers, open any letter

University of Virginia -Civil War – Henry A. Bitner
Scroll down , pick any letter

Group 4
St. Lawrence University- Sunderland Family Correspondence
Click on Browse Letters, select any letter

Louisiana Digital Library – Lafcadio Hearn Correspondence
Pick any letter, page through the letter

Website Evaluation Questions
Imagine you’ve been assigned to write a paper that incorporates information from letters in this online collection.

What on the site made it easy (or hard) it to find information about who wrote the letter and what the letter is about?

What on the site made it easy (or hard) to find the transcript?

If there was cataloging information available, did it make sense?  What do you think should be included? Would you rename any of the labels (Creator to Author)

If there are links, are they useful?  If there are no links, would the page be better with some?

Any aspects of a website that made it more appealing than other sites?

If there are images, do they add information to the page? If there are no images, would having some help?

Any aspects of a site that made it hard to use?

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