WRI 101 B Web Evaluation

WRI 101B – Revisiting the Library
Website Evaluation Project

Group 1

Five Colleges – Zilpah P. Grant Banister Papers
Look at main page, open a letter from the Letters by Banister, 1823-1874 group, pick one with a transcript and look original and transcript

Michigan State University – Civil War
This link opens directly to a ietter, you can explore the site and look at the collections page – but mostly concentrate on the pages directly connected to the letter

Group 2
Bard College – Bard Family Papers
Scroll down and select Bard Family Papers, open any letter

University of Virginia -Civil War – Henry A. Bitner
Scroll down , pick any letter

Group 3
Drexel Scholars Who Served

Browse the 2 pages, pick a letter

Centre College – Irving Chapin Bartlett Collection
Pick any letter

Group 4
St. Lawrence University- Sunderland Family Correspondence

Click on Browse Letters, select any letter

Louisiana Digital Library – Lafcadio Hearn Correspondence
Pick any letter, page through the letter


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