The Golden Cockerel Press – First Books

Golden Cockerel logo, a black rooster standing on one legThe Golden Cockerel Press was established in London in 1920. It had three owners during its history, but the most notable was Robert Gibbings, under whose leadership it became known as one of the fine private presses. Beautiful typefaces, handmade paper, woodcuts and engraved illustrations…all are represented in our Golden Cockerel Press editions, and Davidson can thank Dr. Harold Marvin, class of 1914, for donating to us many of the beautiful limited edition volumes he collected. Here are images of the first 9 volumes from the press, printed from 1921-1922, all from our collection.
The Golden Cockerel Press’s first printed volume was A. E. Coppard’s Adam & Eve & Pinch Me.

Adam & Eve, cover. The first book of the GCP

Adam & Eve.
The first book of the GCP

Terpsicore & Other Poems by H.T. Wade-Grey, title page

Terpsicore & Other Poems

Book number two was Terpischore & other poems by H.T. Wade-Gery.

Signs & Wonders by J.D. Beresford, cover

Signs & Wonders

Signs & Wonders, by John Davys Beresford, was book number three.

Number four, another work by A.E. Coppard, was Clorinda Walks in Heaven.

Clorinda Walks in Heaven, cover/binding

Clorinda Walks in Heaven.

Clorinda Walks in Heaven tals by A.E. Coppard, title page

Clorinda Walks in Heaven.
Dust Jacket.

Book number five was Kanga Creek, written by Havelock Ellis. Our copy is signed by the author.

Kanga Creek, with author's signature. The edition note, "The fifth book printed at the Golden Cockerel Press. This special edition of XXV. numbered copies for sale & IV. other copies for private use finished March IX. MCMXXII. number: 24"

Kanga Creek, with author’s signature.

The Puppet Show by Martin Armstrong, title page.

The Puppet Show, title page.

Puppet Show, Golden Cockerel’s book number six, was written by Martin Armstrong. Another A. E. Coppard book was publication number seven, Hips & Haws: Poems.

Hips & Haws, cover/binding/backcover

Hips & Haws, cover.

Hips & Haws Poems by A.E. Coppard, title page.

Hips & Haws, title page.

Another book of poetry, number eight, was Gipsy-night, and other poems, by Richard Arthur Warren.

Gipsy night, cover/binding/backcover

Gipsy night.

Masques & Poems by Peter Quennell, cover/binding/backcover

Masques & Poems.

And, book number nine, was Masques and Poems by Peter Quennell.

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