What’s New at the Library?

The following lists what's new at the Library fall semester, 2013: New Service The shiny red kiosks outside the Information Literacy Learning Center (main floor) and Davidsoniana Room (second floor) are touchscreen interfaces to information about campus buildings, student award winners, library bookplates, and more. New Resources Our new Gale Partnership brings additional databases and a prize competition for students’ digital humanities projects. Periodicals Archive Online:  An online … [Read more...]

More than Harvard, more than Yale(even Duke cannot compare)

How can a small liberal arts college library have more than Harvard, the largest academic library in the U.S.? More than Yale? More than... any other library? Sometimes small ... or, more accurately, Little ... is more. We don't have Harvard's volume count or budget; we don't have a rare book collection as big as the Beinecke or Bodleian. Our aging facilities can't compare with the renovated Perkins or the new Hunt Library, let alone the Mansueto Library at Chicago or the new Library at … [Read more...]

Web of Thoughts

I had the opportunity to here Cathy Davidson’s talk last week titled “Now You See It: Changing Higher Education to Change the World.” and then subsequently attended the workshop she co-facilitated with Jeff McClurken exploring potential paths forward for Digital Studies at Davidson. In her talk Davidson alluded to 2013 being the 20th anniversary of the publicly accessible World Wide Web. While some might quibble about the absolute accuracy of that statement, 1993 was undeniably a watershed year … [Read more...]

Data Curation

I had the opportunity to attend the Digital Humanities Winter Institute (DHWI) at the University of Maryland in January. While there I attended a weeklong class on Data Curation; the content of the course resonated with me in terms of challenges Davidson, and the archives in particular, will face as we continue along the Digital Studies Initiative. First a definition is in order. Trevor Muñoz, one of the course instructors, an Assistant Dean for the University of Maryland libraries, and a … [Read more...]