Identity, Data, and Davidson 101

How does college shape identity? This question is central to this year’s Library Davidson 101, an online survey and exercise for Davidson’s incoming first-year students. Back in January, librarian Matthew Vest wrote a post about our analysis of the 2013 data gathered from this assignment. The data is extremely useful to us, and we strive to make Library Davidson 101 useful for the students too. Our theme for Library Davidson 101 is tied to this year’s common reading book, The Other Wes Moore. … [Read more...]

Library Davidson 101

Each year, incoming first-year students at Davidson College take a series of courses called Davidson 101. In 2012, the program went online for the first time and included a survey and short assignment. This academic year, the Information Literacy team decided to revamp the program and develop our own survey instead of using a proprietary one. The new survey and assignment were designed to efficiently assess student research attitudes, experiences, and skills. We believe the changes were … [Read more...]