I’ve just returned from the Annual Conference of the American Library Association, an event that typically draws about 20,000 librarians to some major city (Las Vegas this year) for several days of meetings and programs.  Since I’m past-chair of the College Libraries Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and vice-chair of ACRL’s Leadership Recruitment and Nomination Committee, much of my conference was taken up with meetings.  A session I really wanted to attend—Top … [Read more...]

What is a library?

I wanted to stand up and cheer when I read Joe Hardenbrook’s “Little Rant on Little Free Libraries.”  “A handcrafted box of books – no matter how lovely (and many are!) – is not a library. It’s an open bookdrop.  A library is more than just that.”  Yes!  He perfectly captured the unease I felt when two of my colleagues proposed creating a little free library in Davidson.  It’s not a library.  And Davidson already has a great public library. A little box of books is not a library, but is size … [Read more...]

Status Report on Reclassification to LC

We got a request for a status report on the conversion of the library’s books to Library of Congress classification. Happy to oblige! It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on the fifth anniversary of the project. Since July 1, 2009, every new book the library has purchased has been classified in LC. In addition, we’ve had staff working on converting books we already owned. We have reclassified two discrete collections: the oversize/folio books, which continue to be shelved in their own … [Read more...]

What’s Happening this Summer

This summer at E.H. Little Library will be the quietest one in several years. No major construction, like 2011. No big book shift, like 2012. It will be pretty much business as usual: supporting the work of faculty and student research, welcoming two sessions of TIP as well as July Experience. The one project you’re likely to see this summer is the shift of books from the Chemistry Library to Little. To create office space for a new faculty member, the Chemistry department has decided to … [Read more...]

The Digital Public Library of America

Libraries and archives around the world are digitizing unique resources at a rapid pace, but finding those resources by subject can be a challenge. If you know which archive holds the item you seek, you can navigate there. To search by subject, you can try Google, but you’ll miss things and have to weed through a lot of extraneous offerings. For instance, if you search Digital Book of Hours, you’ll find some, but you’ll have to go to the third screen to find the one at Davidson. The Digital … [Read more...]