Heart of the Campus: The Library as Place

In an age of virtual libraries, merged organizations, anytime, anywhere, 24/7 access to online resources, and even “bookless libraries,” it’s perhaps unfashionable to talk about the library as place. In the past decade, academic libraries have undergone dramatic changes; the library of 2015 is not the library of 2005, and that’s a good thing. The size of our collection, like the size of nearly every liberal arts college library, has grown exponentially with the release of new digital … [Read more...]

Ten Minutes

It was Monday afternoon about 2:30.  I needed a quick answer from a colleague, so I stepped out of my office and walked about 40 feet to her office. The one minute conversation turned into ten minutes (not an uncommon occurrence). I hadn’t locked my office, which isn’t unusual.  Many of my colleagues were around, and I wasn’t really thinking about security.  As I worked, my iPad was sitting on my desk in plain view and my laptop was hooked up to the network and external monitor.  My laptop is … [Read more...]

New Era for E.H. Little Library

Monday night, August 25th was the beginning of a new chapter in the life and history of E.H. Little Library.  For the first time, we did not perform our “usual” closing routine for the Library because access is now available for all Students, Faculty and Staff of Davidson twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.  We will continue to staff the library Information Desk for the same hours as we have in the past, with no change in patron service.  Patrons may check out items when the library is … [Read more...]

The Library as Spinach

(Think slimy canned spinach, not delicious fresh spinach in a tasty salad.) My first job as a librarian was in a theological seminary, where we had students aged 22-50 and beyond, many with small children.  One day a student came into the library with his fussy toddler, clearly juggling child care responsibilities with the need to do some library research.  As the understandably bored child whined and began to act up, the student said, “Stop it, or that librarian [pointing at me] will make you … [Read more...]

It’s Christmas in August! Keyless lockers have arrived!

Santa came early this year and brought 24 wonderful combination lock lockers on the back of his sleigh.   You might be wondering, “why all of the excitement about a bunch of lockers?”  Up till now, we had been offering lockers to students that required locks and keys.  Students loved the convenience of being able to store textbooks and other valuables in the safety of a locker, but they didn’t like having to add yet another key to their keychain.  And, distributing locks and keys and then … [Read more...]