Discovering Worldcat Discovery

As we enter the heart of the fall semester users of the E.H. Little Library’s resources may have noticed we changed our our catalog/discovery system over the summer.  Where we previously used Worldcat Local as an access point we now use Worldcat Discovery a new system provided by the same vendor (OCLC). This same change is reflected in the search box on our library home page which now also points to Worldcat Discovery.   So why change the interface that we have had … [Read more...]

New Contract with Swank Motion Pictures

Do you use movies in your teaching?  If so, we have exciting news!  The library now has a contract with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., and can arrange streaming video for your classes.  Unlike almost all of the databases the library subscribes to, this is not a site license.  Each film counts toward our predetermined allotment, must be linked through Moodle, and is restricted to you and the students in your course.  The contract stipulates, “The streaming license provided for motion pictures is … [Read more...]

Pioneering and Circling the Wagons

Probably never a good idea to start an entry with a cliché, but last week was one of those where I felt like “circling the wagons.”    There was a never-ending series of “crises,” or at least perceived crises, with our integrated library system (WMS) and its end user interface, Davidson Worldcat Local. A number of aggrieved colleagues felt the need to remind me, yet again, that I was a prime mover in bringing the developing system to Davidson two years ago.  The implication being that I was … [Read more...]