More than Harvard, more than Yale(even Duke cannot compare)

How can a small liberal arts college library have more than Harvard, the largest academic library in the U.S.? More than Yale? More than… any other library?

Sometimes small … or, more accurately, Little … is more.

We don’t have Harvard’s volume count or budget; we don’t have a rare book collection as big as the Beinecke or Bodleian. Our aging facilities can’t compare with the renovated Perkins or the new Hunt Library, let alone the Mansueto Library at Chicago or the new Library at Alexandria.

But we have more, thanks to strategic acquisitions and an exciting new partnership with Gale, a leading publisher of research collections in the humanities. (Gale is part of Cengage Learning.)

Over the past decade, through careful planning and budgeting, our library has acquired many online resources, including every digital collection published by Gale (that’s the “more”!). We are, to date, the only library in the world with all of these Gale titles.

How are Davidson students and faculty using these resources? What impact are they having on student and faculty research? How can they be used in the classroom? How can they be used to support Digital Studies? What additional tools and resources are needed to better meet learning outcomes? Faculty, students, and staff from Davidson are partnering with staff from Gale to answer these questions.

Gale and Davidson launched the partnership earlier this month, when seven Gale staff members visited campus to meet with faculty and librarians in a series of workshops and discussion sessions. Given the number of great questions and ideas generated from that day, we expect very good things to come from this partnership!

In addition to participating in ongoing discussions and collaborative projects, Gale has generously agreed to fund an interdisciplinary research prize for student work in Digital Humanities. More information to come!

This partnership will extend over the next three years, so there will be ample opportunities for faculty and students to get involved.

We are very excited about this partnership with Gale, and the timing is fortuitous, given the launch of Davidson’s new Digital studies Program and Gale’s introduction of Artemis, a new platform for digital collections. (Watch for more information about Artemis in an upcoming blog post.) In time, most Gale databases will be migrated to Artemis, which means that Davidson students and faculty will be able to access these important digital collections using one tool. “More” indeed!

For more information about our digital collections or our new partnership with Gale, please contact me. I’ll be happy to help.