Read this about Scholarly Publishing

If I could persuade faculty colleagues to read one thing over the holiday break, it would be this short piece in the current Harvard Magazine: “The ‘Wild West’ of Academic Publishing: The Troubled Present and Promising Future of Scholarly Publishing.”

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • Why university presses are struggling and why they’re publishing fewer books than they used to,
  • Why libraries don’t buy as many scholarly monographs as they used to,
  • Why the whole scholarly communication system seems to be shaky right now, or
  • What scholars can do to make it work better,

this article is for you.  It’s well written and full of information, it connects the dots, and it doesn’t take long to read.  I recommend it highly and would welcome conversation about it and the issues it raises.

Happy Holidays to all!  The blog will be taking the next couple of weeks off.  Weekly posts will resume in January.