Earth and Environmental Science Lesson Plan

Teacher’s Notes

Webquest: McGuire Station


Objective: The purpose of this activity is to have student explore the resources of not only North Carolina, but their region in particular. This lesson plan is suitable for students in Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Catawba, and Iredell counties, who share the resource of Lake Norman. This lesson plan was designed for Earth and Environmental Science students, typically in grade 9. Students will explore nuclear power plant as an alternative energy source, as well as Lake Norman and the effect that the nuclear plant is having on aquatic life in the lake. They will also explore maps of the region for certain characteristics. The Webquest can be accessed here. Rubric for the hothole fishing cartoon can be found here.


Time: 1 90 minute block


Standards addressed: North Carolina Essential Standards Earth and Environmental Science


EEn 2.4.2: Evaluate human influences on water quality in North Carolina’s river basins, wetlands and tidal environments.


EEn 2.7.1: Explain how abiotic and biotic factors interact to create the various biomes in North Carolina.


EEn 2.7.2: Explain why biodiversity is important to the biosphere.


EEn 2.7.3:  Explain how human activities impact the biosphere.


EEn 2.8.1: Evaluate alternative energy technologies for use in North Carolina.


If the link in # 1 doesn’t work, the website url on McGuire is as follows: