JoCelyn Williams Roundtree


“Never let the SIGHT of others determine your VISION!” ~J. W. Roundtree

JoCelyn Williams Roundtree

Teacher | Department Chair | ILT Member



Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences | 1411 Hawthorne Lane | Charlotte, NC  28205 | (980) 343-6011


JoCelyn Roundtree is a Historian and Educator.  She was born and raised in the historic city of New Haven, CT where her passion for inquiry-based knowledge first began to develop.  She credits her father as her first teacher and the source upon which her desire for knowledge began.  JoCelyn has dedicated her time to studying the values, norms, beliefs, and traditions of various cultures.  Currently, she is an educator at Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools system teaching courses within the field of social studies.  In addition, she operates a week-long Summer History Project that provides participants with the opportunity to examine issues within the social sciences.  She explores various historical themes within the areas of politics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and economics.  The primary goal of the Summer History Project is to analyze trends, develop solutions, pose questions, and educate.