Presbytery Minutes – March 1835

Concord Presbytery Records, 1832-1836, v.3
Meeting: Prospect Church, Second Session, Thursday, March 12-13, 1835 p. 79-83

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[Prospect Church, Thursday, March 12, 1835 p. 79 ]
Presbytery, taking into consideration the importance of a more general diffusion of useful knowledge, and the expediency of adopting some system of sound and thorough education that may be accessible to all classes of the community; and having learned with pleasure that the Manual labor system
as far as it has been tried, promises the most happy results in training up youth to virtuous and industrious habits with well cultivated minds, Unanimously Resolved that this Presbytery, deeply impressed with the importance of securing the means of Education to young men, within our bounds of hopeful piety, and talents, preparatory to the Gospel ministry; undertake (in humble reliance on the blessings of God;)– the establishment of a Manual labor School; and that a committee be appointed
to report to the next meeting of Presbytery the best measures for its accomplishment and the most favorable place for it’s location. Adjourned to meet tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock.

[Friday morning, 9 o’clock, March 13, 1835, Prospect Church p. 82]
Presbytery had a recess until 1 o’clock P.M. 1 o’clock P.M. Presbytery resumed business and proceeded by ballot to elect a committee of eight, four ministers and four Elders for the selection of a site for the proposed Manual Labor School. Revd. James E. Morrison and Mr. Boyd were appointed a committee to review the notes and report to Presbytery. . . .
The committee to count the votes in the election of a committee of location for the proposed manual Labor School reported the following names as chosen viz Revd Mssrs. R. H. Morrison, Dr. Robinson, Stephen Frontis & Samuel Williamson & Mssrs Robert Burton, Wm. Lee Davidson, John Phifer and Joseph Yount, Elders, and the committee were instructed to select a location within fifteen miles of Beatties Ford on the Eastern side of the Catawba river; and report to Presbytery on the last Wednesday in April at Rocky-River.

[Prospect Church, March 13, 1835 p. 83]
The Reverend A. J. Leavenworth and R. H. Morrison were appointed a committee to correspond with the different Manual Labor Schools in our country for the purpose of obtaining information, as to the best plan of establishing and conducting such institutions, and report the result of their inquiries to Presbytery. …
Adjourned to meet at Rocky-River Church on the last Wednesday in April next at 11 o’clock A.M.

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