Academic Self-publishing

In a previous post, I wrote about self-publishing, which has taken off among fiction writers.  I cited four main reasons why these authors are choosing to self-publish:  speed (self-published ebooks can be available to readers and potential readers faster than traditionally published books can), control (of titles, covers, length), options, and profit.  What about scholarly publishing?  Are academic authors also turning to self-publishing? The four factors above are relevant in scholarly … [Read more...]

Self-publishing: It’s a New World!

We used to know what it was, and it was bad: only losers self-publish with a “vanity press.” If they could get a real publishing contract, they would. We knew what to tell students: steer clear of anything self-published. But the internet has changed self-publishing, and it is becoming a real factor in popular fiction. Barry Eisler, author of the John Rain series of thrillers, has left his traditional publisher and retrieved the rights to his books. They are now available as ebooks (at … [Read more...]