In celebration of Jean Coates upon the Occasion of her Retirement

This week we say goodbye to Jean Coates, who will retire on May 27 after 22 years at Davidson, 21 of them in the library.  Jean started as a staff member in circulation and interlibrary loan, earned her Masters of Library and Information Science degree while working full-time, and moved up the ladder, finishing her career as Assistant Director for Access and Acquisitions.  Known for her dedication to going above and beyond to serve faculty and students, Jean will now spend lots of quality time … [Read more...]

Two Years of 24/7

It’s hard for me to believe, but the library has just completed its second year of 24/7.  The good news is that there has been very little property crime and no assaults.  Students love having the library available any time they want it, and the gate count (number of people entering the library) shows it:   The two big jumps reflect the renovation of the main floor to bring in the Center for Teaching and Learning in 2011 and 24/7 opening starting in 2014. My assessment:  24/7 … [Read more...]

Appreciation of Student Employees

Getting the chance to work with our student employees is one of the very best parts of our job in the Library.  They actually keep us humming, we have 55 this year, and we literally cannot operate without them! The Main Library Information Desk assistants are on duty the 106 hours a week that the Information desk is open and the Music Library hours just shy of that.  And as a matter of fact, from 5:00 p.m. on Fridays until 4:00 p.m. on Sundays, the Information Desk Assistants keep both libraries … [Read more...]

Davidson Hosts College Library Director Mentoring Program Seminar

Over Spring Break, Davidson’s library hosted the annual seminar of the College Library Director Mentoring Program.  This program, meant to provide new college library directors with mentors and a cohort, brought 17 new directors and three seminar leaders to campus.  I also serve as a seminar leader.  The curriculum over two-and-a-half days was intense, focusing on leadership development and big-picture thinking but also meeting participants’ needs for nitty-gritty management advice, too. The … [Read more...]

Sniff…cough…the blog bug strikes!

The same nasty virus that is making many of us cough and sneeze has incapacitated the blog writer this week.  Look for a new blog post, written by a healthy member of the staff, on Wednesday. … [Read more...]