Thanks to Our Student Staff!

The collective work of our student staff during this past school year – keeping the Music Library open 87.5 hours a week, the main library Information Desk open 104 hours a week, and checking out and shelving more than 20,000 books and other library materials – is truly remarkable. While much of what they do is visible to library patrons, a considerable amount of student work also goes on behind the scenes. Their daily labor plays a critical role in providing information resources and services to our entire campus community. We are so grateful for their dedicated efforts!

We want to especially thank our 18 graduating seniors who are departing Davidson for exciting new paths. Their years of library employment are listed next to their names:
Beza Baheru (1 year)
Elizabeth Brunner (3 years)
Sara Jane Bush (1 year)
Amani Carter (1 year)
Madison Church (3 years)
Emily Davidson  (3 years)
Ali DeMarco (1 year)
Leslie Francois (1 year)
Shane Gilbert (3 years)
Ellyson Glance (4 years)
Rosi Goetz (4 years)
Ricki Hollins (2 years)
Aaron Ju (3 years)
Hailey Klabo (4 years)
Rashaad Phillips (1 year)
Meredith Pintler (4 years)
Madeleine Roberts (1 year)
Liz Stevens (4 years)