MOOCs and Libraries: An Update

Back in October, I wrote about my involvement with DavidsonX.  At the time, the DavidsonX team had just started working on Davidson’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC):  Medicinal Chemistry, taught by Erland Stevens.  I’m happy to report that the course went live on Monday.  (It’s not too late to register; remember, it’s free!) Since my last post, I’ve learned a lot about the role of libraries in MOOCs.  I’ve done some webinars and joined the edX library committee.  The best teacher, of … [Read more...]

MOOCs and Libraries

Have you heard about MOOCs? Massive Open Online Courses have been getting a lot of attention lately and we’re going to be hearing more about them here at Davidson.  That’s because Davidson has joined edX, an initiative founded by Harvard and MIT, to create DavidsonX.  We’ll be offering a series of MOOCs beginning in Spring 2014 to bring “Distinctly Davidson” courses to the world.  These free classes will be taught to tens of thousands of national and international students. I’ve been thinking … [Read more...]

Copyright Cupcakes in San Diego

This June, I went to (not so) sunny San Diego to complete a series of courses for a Certificate in Copyright Management from the Special Libraries Association.  These eight courses, taken over three years, cover all aspects of copyright, including national and international law, information for authors, and digital and social media issues.  Copyright has become an increasingly important – and complicated – issue, especially relevant to us at Davidson as we begin to tackle digital studies, an … [Read more...]

Conflict & Compromise: Copyright in Higher Education

At Davidson, people are aware of copyright and know that it can have an impact on teaching and research. What is not always clear is what uses of copyrighted materials are permitted under the law. The Library wants to address campus copyright questions and help faculty and staff learn about strategies they can employ to legally use materials in their work. As part of that effort, we were pleased to bring Kevin Smith, Director of Copyright & Scholarly Communication at Duke University, to … [Read more...]