I’ll Resist the Seinfeld Reference

I'm currently participating in Davidson’s first cohort of faculty, students and staff experimenting with Davidson Domains.   Davidson Domains is a program spearheaded by ITS and the Digital Studies program at Davidson: “which will provide every Davidson student a unique domain name and access to an open source platform like WordPress. The Web domain will serve as a foundation students’ online presence at Davidson and beyond. As students progress through the Davidson curriculum, they will learn … [Read more...]

Winners of the 2014 Gale Digital Studies Prizes

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is the inaugural year of the Gale Digital Studies Prize. The prize is one of the fruits of the library's partnership with Gale, a part of Cengage Learning and a leading publisher of research and reference sources for libraries; the library and Gale established the prize in order to recognize students' contributions and innovations in the broad field of digital studies. In this first year of the prize, we were delighted to receive a great -- and diverse … [Read more...]

Engage, Collaborate, Leverage

Davidson has a number of initiatives or hot topics that we like to pay particular attention to at any given point in time. Currently these include faculty and staff collaboration, community and civic engagement, and leveraging corporate partnerships. Being academics, we spend a fair bit of time participating in dialog about enhancing our ability to engage in these endeavors.   For example, I recently had the opportunity to attend a luncheon with other staff members and faculty that was sponsored … [Read more...]

Gale Digital Studies Prize

In classes, seminars, and research projects, Davidson students are using, creating, contributing to, and adapting digital resources, methods, and tools. Last winter, I mentioned that the library and Gale would be sponsoring a new prize to recognize undergraduate achievements in the broad field of digital studies. This new award, the Gale Digital Studies Prize, is the product of a partnership between the library and Gale, a part of Cengage Learning and a leading publisher of research and … [Read more...]

MOOCs and Libraries: An Update

Back in October, I wrote about my involvement with DavidsonX.  At the time, the DavidsonX team had just started working on Davidson’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC):  Medicinal Chemistry, taught by Erland Stevens.  I’m happy to report that the course went live on Monday.  (It’s not too late to register; remember, it’s free!) Since my last post, I’ve learned a lot about the role of libraries in MOOCs.  I’ve done some webinars and joined the edX library committee.  The best teacher, of … [Read more...]