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Davidson College’s New Open Education Initiative

Last week, the E.H. Little Library, in partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning and Digital Learning Research & Design (DRLD), announced five new $500 stipends for faculty interested in integrating Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Pedagogy into their Fall 2016 courses. Each faculty member that receives a stipend will be required to integrate free and open course materials into their course. Librarians will play a vital role in this process by helping faculty find, … [Read more...]

Fair’s Fair: What Google Books Means for Scholarship

It is a common misconception that Google has obsoleted the purpose of libraries and their keepers. Librarians often challenge this point, noting, as Palfrey does in the afore-linked text, that companies like Google only increase the need for librarians and librarians since, by complicating the nature of information, they create demand for information experts and open new opportunities for how libraries can function. Just last October, Google shook the information boat again, albeit this time … [Read more...]

MOOCs and Libraries: An Update

Back in October, I wrote about my involvement with DavidsonX.  At the time, the DavidsonX team had just started working on Davidson’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC):  Medicinal Chemistry, taught by Erland Stevens.  I’m happy to report that the course went live on Monday.  (It’s not too late to register; remember, it’s free!) Since my last post, I’ve learned a lot about the role of libraries in MOOCs.  I’ve done some webinars and joined the edX library committee.  The best teacher, of … [Read more...]

Updates and helpful hints

Update on our Swank Motion Pictures movie contract:  We put 50 streaming movies on reserve during the fall semester.  Faculty and student reviews of the service have been positive, citing the ease and flexibility of showing films or having students watch on their own.  If you are using a feature film in your course, check with Jean Coates about Swank!  She can tell you if your film is in the Swank catalog and set up the Moodle link for you. If you’re still trooping to the library to read and … [Read more...]

MOOCs and Libraries

Have you heard about MOOCs? Massive Open Online Courses have been getting a lot of attention lately and we’re going to be hearing more about them here at Davidson.  That’s because Davidson has joined edX, an initiative founded by Harvard and MIT, to create DavidsonX.  We’ll be offering a series of MOOCs beginning in Spring 2014 to bring “Distinctly Davidson” courses to the world.  These free classes will be taught to tens of thousands of national and international students. I’ve been thinking … [Read more...]