mooresville land development plan

Mooresville’s development plan made the area convenient, modern, and attractive.

In Mooresville, the “Mooresville Plan” was set forth as a means to develop the area with the modernization of buildings, the development of a pedestrian mall, and installation of canopies over sidewalks. The town promoted its amenities to visitors that frequented the lake, attracting more and more people to the area. It was marketed as “a charmingly social, vigorously industrial and soundly built community which is making steady progress and where living conditions are of the best kind.”  Mooresville with its proximity to the lake and amenities promoted themselves to new visitors that were on the way to the lake. The town’s supermarkets, restaurants, department stores, churches and service stations provided the comfort and convenience sought by those visiting the town or Lake Norman. Beyond that it also provided recreational outlets with an attractive golf course.

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