Thomas H. Alexander (1843) 15 September 1842 Letter

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From: DC0108s, Alexander, Thomas h. (1843), Letter 1842  (View Finding Aid)
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Davidson College September 15 1842. NC
Dear Sir,

It is with the intention of hearing from you if you are in the world of existence, that I now take my pen in hand to write to you. I heard that you were at Athens College in Georgia. The news at present are not worth your attention, we are pursuing very near the same old course as when you were here, but I hope that you were not mistaken in your choice when you went to Athens. I want you to give me a kind of topographical sketch of the institution, as I have an idea of leaving this one, although it is improving very much in morals, no person could imagine, what a change has taken place, everything seems to advance onward as smooth as the sun rolls over our heads. The session has just commenced but we have been almost idle for two weeks on an account of the sickness of two of our professors. The professor of languages has been lying very low with the fever, there is a great deal of sickness in this part of the country. The president of the board of trustees, who is Dr. John Williamson is not expected to live one day longer, as I heard this morning.

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I supposed that you have heard that M. D. Johnston has taken to himself a wife like all other great men, he married the daughter of Mr. Alexander, who is now our steward, perhaps you were acquainted with the young and handsome widow. He has changed entirely into another man, left off that way of his rubing head and knees when in conversation, but just as bold as a lion. Your class has quit this fountain of knowledge, to enlarge this or some—- other with their wisdom, they acquitted themselves with honor at the commencement they mounted the rostrum with minds bouyant as that of fiery mass, burning with impatience to stept off free from collegiate restrictions. W. P. Bynum received the distinction. T. C. Crawford and H. R. McLean____ partook of the second, in general this whole examination was very much applauded by the people who attended. J. P. Rousseau sends his respects to you. So I hope that these few lines will be satisfactory at present as it is getting late in the night, be sure an answer this as quick as possible.

D. College T. H. Alexander

[envelope – addressed to]
James Morrow
Athens College

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