Alexander M. Bogle (1843) 22 November 1839 Letter

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From: DC0110s Bogle, Alexander M., 1822-1880 (1843) Letter, 1839 (View Finding Aid)

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Davidson College No Carolina
November 22d 1839

Dear Friend

As I have no studying to this night I beleave I will improve the time by writing you this epistal, which I hope you will answer soon. I am at Davidson College yet and doing the best I can I am reading Virgil this session and am very much pleased with it, we have just got through the Georgic and they are considered to be the hardest part in it, if they are, I think I will find no difficulty in the balance for I find them quit easy we get pretty large lessons and recite but one a day. There are fourteen in my class; we also study Arithmatic and Geography. After having given you a history of my studies, I will give you a brief history of the whole prosedings of Davidson College. There are four classes (viz) Freshmen Sophomore Junior and Senior after entering college we are required to read History Sacra Caesar (4 books) and all of Virgil and Greek Minora before we enter the college freshmen class reads Salist Greek Maegora and Study Days Algebray. There are four teacher; one president 2 professors and one tutor. All classes under the Freshman resite to the tutor and the other classes to the professors. No class resite more than one lesson a day. We have two literary societies here; the are called the Eumonian and Philanthropic they are both very interesting. I am a member of the Eumeniaa. We have not so many members in our society but we have some of the smartest members and I like it much the best; we meet once in two weeks and discuss a chosen subject; there are three divisions 1st 2nd & 3rd the members are bound to keep everything about the societies secrete from the members of the opposite society there will be a public contest next examination of four members chosen from each society; I would like very much to see you about that time if possible; but I suppose you will not give that pleasure.

I beleave I have given you some idea of the studying part. And now comes the work which is not so pleasant; which I suppose you know from the experiance as you have to do the same at your college. We are divided into two classes one class works in the morning the other in the evening I have to perform my part in the morning We have to work very hard three hours which is the time allotted and you know that it is pretty hard to work that long. We have been cutting wood the last two or three weeks. We made about fifteen hundred bushels of corn this year which more than you have done I imagine. There are Eighty six students here at this time will be several more in a few days there are four in each room but I would like it better if there were not so many. I have very good roommates. We have nothing to furnish in our rooms but candles our beds are not so good as I would wish for but we cant complain as it is cheap. The expence? Tuition $15.00 bording $20.00 after the work is deducted and candles and washing $7.00 which will make $42.00 a session which is very cheap I think, but we do not have very good food we have plenty of old tuffer and melasses! The next examinations will be on the last three days of January and I long….the time to come as I have not been home this session I feel I could write two or three more sheets of paper but it is getting very late give my love to Raleigh Stimson. James Stimson is well and sends his love to you you must be certain to write as soon as you get this and give me a history of Emery there are some students here who expect to go there…itty. Be sure to write

Your effectionate friend

Alex M. Bogle.

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