“Die Mauer ist gefallen!”

"The wall has fallen!" This past Sunday, November 9, 2014, marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Davidson hosted a number of themed experiences to commemorate this historic event, not the least of which was the erection and destruction of a "Berlin Wall" in front of our very own E.H. Little Library.  The Wall began as a stark white, plywood structure.  However, with the words: “Graffiti encouraged!!” and the promise of a prize displayed on a poster nearby, the wall did not … [Read more...]

Aren’t White Boards Remarkable?!

Our students have an amazing amount of study aids readily available to them here in the library.  There are our books of course, our online resources, and our wonderful librarians.  They have their class notes, handouts from professors, the PRAs, and (as always) the all-knowing Google.  But perhaps the most underrated of all is the humble white board.  Just a step up from ye olde chalk board, the library has numerous white boards scattered around each floor.  There are wall mounted boards in … [Read more...]